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1m SMB Red

frog-dive-gear-1m-smbClosed circuit (one way valve) 1m SMB, can be inflated orally or using an inflator hose.

Ideal for attracting attention at the surface, or marking a diver’s location during safety stops.

Use with a spool and fits neatly into a thigh pocket or with the Frog Zipped Tech Pocket.

Spool and Bolt snap shown for illustration purposes only.

210 Denier Nylon.


  • Provides maximum visibility and extra flotation at the surface.
  • Features closed-circuit (one-way valve) construction.
  • Inflate at the surface to attract attention.
  • Inflate at depth to send up as a surface marker.
  • Small enough, when deflated, to fit in a Frog Zipped Tech Pocket or Storage Pack.