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500 psi Mask Defog Cream

500psi-mask-defogA foggy mask can ruin a dive and not only does it prevent you from enjoying the underwater scenery but it can also lead to dangerous situations as communications between you and other divers are impeded.

A diver can lose focus on his buoyancy or surroundings if he is distracted by the fog on his mask.

So how do you prevent a mask from getting foggy? They say spitting saliva on your mask and rub them before diving can prevent fogging. There are other solutions from other divers as well but is it worth your diving trips just to see which one is working?

Why not use the proven Mask Defog Cream from PSI 500 which can last for three dives.

Wet or Dry application. No Sting Formula!

Size: 2 oz. or 4 oz.