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A Must for Side Mount Diving

Photo by Pete Nawrocky.

So just what is side mount diving?

Side mount diving configuration is the process of taking one or two cylinders and placing them on either side of your body, rather than mounting them on your back.

Some divers prefer side mount as it allows a unique method of buoyancy control which results in a more streamlined profile, reduces drag and makes finning and moving through the water much easier and more efficient. Get as close to the free-diver experience as possible with Scuba!

This is also great for divers with any disabilities or back pain, as they carry the cylinders separately from the harness to the water. Cylinders and weights are then mounted and attached in the water, making the entries and exits to dive sites much easier.

Ready to go for side mount diving? Remember that you need training before you attempt to do so.

If you have already being trained to do side mount diving, then you might be interested in Dive Rite’s Nomad LT Bluewater, designed for warm water diving with aluminum 80s.

Read more about the Nomad LT Bluewater or you can drop by our dive shop in KK Times Square to have a look!

[Picture shows a sidemount diver pushing a cylinder in front (Photo by Pete Nawrocky).]