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A pointer for the weight-conscious diver!


Stainless steel creates a better sound when hitting another metal…even an ill-tempered peacock mantis shrimp would agree!

For the travelling diver, the weight of their luggage is limited by airline restrictions, and the only way to get around that, is to select dive gear based on the material. A great dive brand designs its products based on the practicalities of living the dive lifestyle without sacrificing functionality.

Our Downbelow Travel pointer has a drilled insert in one end for attaching it to a wrist lanyard or carabiner, it’s discreet and lightweight due to its shorter length. This is convenient for the dive professional who is required to handle any situation underwater when supervising student divers. The last thing a dive educator wants is a dive accessory getting in the way of their professional duties.

Downbelow’s travel pointer comes in either Standard or Deluxe versions. The Deluxe has etchings every inch of its length, which is really useful for specialised purposes, such as underwater photography. For a creative macro shot, for example, place the pointer close to the subject to indicate the magnification used. This feature is valuable for scientific field study too, by using the etchings for measurements in data collection.

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