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A ‘rashie’ is plenty for diving here in Borneo!


New Scubapro rashguards can be found at our Dive Shop and they’re already proving popular!

In the warm waters of the South China Sea where our paradise Gaya Island beach house is located, a rashguard for UV-ray exposure protection is enough. Temperatures for scuba diving, even at 30 metres depth or more, never get colder than about 27°C! However, everyone is different, so we stock both short and long 2mm and 3mm wetsuits. For snorkeling, a rashguard is essential to protect your skin from the searing Borneo sun! An angry sunburn can really ruin the holiday mood, so cover your skin, and you can snorkel all day long!

We’ve got a fitting room for our walk-in guests to get the right fit, and our travel centre is also the same location as our Dive Shop, where our travel experts can book a day of island fun at our Dive Centre too!