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Aloe Gator Outdoor Combo Pack

aloe-gator-sunblockYour favorite Aloe Gator essentials prepackaged and ready for whatever outdoor activity you choose! Outdoor Suncare Essentials contains 1 Oz. Aloe Gator 40+ Gel, SPF 30 Medicated Lip Balm, and 1 Oz. Green Stuff.

1 Oz. Aloe Gator 40+ Gel
Sunblock protection that lasts 8 hours. With aloe vera and a special formulation of ingredients, it moisturizes while protecting the skin. Waterproof and non-greasy.

SPF 30 Medicated Lip Balm
Aloe Gator lip balms protect while they moisturize and heal with the natural power of aloe. Regular use helps prevent and condition dry, chapped and sunburned lips. Anti-oxidant formulas glide on clear and comfortably.

1 Oz. Green Stuff
Green Stuff is the real stuff – the “original” stuff. Made from 99.5% PURE ALOE VERA GEL. This is a rich, soothing gel that helps relieve the pain and dryness of exposure to the sun, wind and elements. Its healing propertieshelp prevent peeling, and maintain healthier, smoother skin.