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Amp up your Borneo adventure!

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With an Amp1 from Princeton Tec, you can amp up your Borneo adventure!

It’s a little genius! The Amp1 will light up the trail of any forested route along the Salt Trail, or mountainside of the Crocker Range’s Mount Alab during the minimal light of dusk or dawn, and with the longest battery life at full power – blazing away for 72 hours at 45 lumen!

A bottle opener on one end, and an attachable ‘cone’ on the other to achieve ‘marker’ light for up close inspection – clever! You’ll definitely find the cone useful if you need to do detailed work in the dark, as the Maxbright LED’s are incredibly powerful, and to focus on it shining on a very close spot can be a bit ‘jarring’ for your eyesight.

Ask our Sabah Travel Centre experts or KK Dive Shop Manager which travel package the Amp1 torch would be perfect for!