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Atomic Aquatics Venom: the divers’ choice!

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Atomic Aquatics brings it all with this dive mask Atomic Aquatics Venom, the Scubalab 2013 testers’ choice!

And who could deny it with the new Ultraclear Schott Superwite glass lens that gives exceptional optical clarity and a patented Subframe design with hydrodynamic style and no external frame. This mask is comfortably secure as it has a double layer and double colour silicone seal. The diver’s forward view is wide angled and unobstructed as it has a low volume and one-window design. Even the mask strap adjustment is simple, as you only have to squeeze. And let’s not forget the lifetime warranty against frame breakage.

In the Downbelow Dive Shop at KK Times Square, we have a variety of colours and our supervisor Karen, will explain to you how to maintain and the procedures to follow before its first use.