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Be a balanced diver!

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Weight distribution is one of the most important factors to be a balanced diver!

The Avid CQR3 is the new and improved BCD jacket from Sherwood Scuba, which is a refurbishment of the classic Avid model.

It retains the classic Sherwood BCD jacket shape and look, but this Avid CQR3 offers divers exceptional weight-system to gain utmost underwater comfort when diving. The two pockets in the back are for trim-weight, which gives more stability, especially when inflating any air.

The air cell of the jacket distributes the air evenly around the body too, and a suspension strap in the backplate separates the jacket material from the diver too, so there’s no squeeze!

This BC jacket is great for the novice diver because they’ll really take notice of the effects of what their breathing does to their body positioning, and thus improve their dive skills!