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Dive currents with Atomic Aquatics adjustable split fins!


Thrust through the channels of current in any of your dive adventures when you dive with Atomic Aqautics adjustable split fins!

As your dive adventures progress they generally become more challenging, which is the thrill of scuba diving at all – to dive the new frontier!

Diving in strong currents is most definitely no child’s play, and investing in fins ergonomically-designed to propel divers far, and with the minimal amount of effort needed to conserve energy too.

Atomic Aquatics take into account the most adventurous dives recreational divers might experience and address the needs of the diver to enjoy their underwater explorations with their safety as the highest priority.

Fatigue underwater can lead to a myriad of problems and minimal effort is required for the diver wearing these adjustable split fins; made possible with its fin weight and shape for effective finning and speed!

Our Dive Shop in KK Times Square have several models of Atomic Aquatics fins, as well as fins from other reputable dive brands. Good fitting fins allow a diver to use their investment to their full productivity, and our Dive Shop Supervisor suggests anyone getting fins should come visit to try the right pair!