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Dive Rite Compact SPG/Depth Gauge Combo

depth-gauge-comboThe Compact SPG/Depth Gauge Console includes an analog depth gauge and our Compact Brass SPG. The analog depth gauge is an accurate 220-foot (67m), oil-filled gauge with a max depth indicator.

An incredibly low-profile console, it can be streamlined to any rig by attaching our AC2019 Hose Clip Retainer and HW1026 Medium Stainless Steel Bolt Snap.

The Compact SPG is calibrated to 5000-psi in 100-psi increments (also available in BAR) and comes Nitrox ready. Featuring chrome-plated brass housing and a Bourdon tube mechanism, the Compact SPG has the greatest degree of accuracy and reliability.

The luminescent dial makes it easier to read in low light situations. The Compact SPG is available in PSI or BAR and depth gauge in Imperial or Metric measurements.

  • Dive Rite Compact Analog SPG and Depth Gauge Console
  • Calibrated to 5000-psi in 100-psi increments (300 bar in 10 bar increments)
  • Nitrox ready
  • Chrome-plated brass housing