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Dive Rite Transpac

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Inspired by a remote dive exploration in Japan where divers had to hike their heavy gear through dry portions of cave to get to the underwater sumps. The explorers also needed the versatility to switch their gear configuration from backmount to sidemount to single tanks (flexibility that a traditional hard backplate does not offer). Designed like a backpack, the TransPac Classic disperses weight across the hips and back, minimising shoulder strain. Adjustable straps adapt to a wide variety of exposure suits and means easy donning and doffing. A soft backplate accommodates sidemount diving, yet gives appropriate support for single tanks, double tanks or rebreathers. Slots in the backplate fit standard 36-inch cam straps (included) for single tank diving. The modular design allows for customisation using an assortment of pockets and accessories, depending on the needs and desires of the individual diver.

To avoid the tank hitting the back of the head, use a crotch strap. Also, lower the tank on the back by setting the cam straps at the top shoulder of the tank.

When diving double tanks, a hard backplate is not necessary. Use BC2084 TransPac stabilizing plates instead.Note: The TransPac is not designed to be worn with a metal backplate. When the TransPac first debuted on the market in 1995, cold water divers wanted the fit of the TransPac with the added weight of a metal plate. They would sandwich a metal backplate in between the TransPac and the wing to give them more weight to counterbalance thick undergarments. Dive Rite developed the TransPlate in response to this need. The TransPlate gives the same comfort and support as the TransPac, yet allows divers to use the harness with a metal backplate.