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Exceptional comfort: Mares Plana Avanti X3

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Mares trademarked Tecralene material, making up the bulk of the Planta Avanti X3 blade, offers any in-water activity superior performance and exceptional comfort.

The three channels on the blade optimize the water flow, which lessens the effort to kick and glide through the water and of course conserve energy. Of the three channels, the middle is inverted to increase this efficiency too!

The largest sized fin (X-Large) weighs 1.47kg, which demonstrates the thrusting power of the fins is due to the weight of its materials. It’s worth to travel with these fins and accommodating for its weight for comfort throughout your activity, and particularly for advanced dive spots. At certain dive destinations, such as Layang Layang Island, the current can be fairly strong and to spot such marine life as hammerhead sharks or manta rays, divers are required to drift in open sea where the current is fairly strong!

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