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Get to know nudibranchs with Neville Coleman!

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Australian naturalist Neville Coleman is considered the godfather of nudibranchs, for his contributions to underwater photography and education among other disciplines!

The breadth of his knowledge resonates in Nudibranchs Encylopedia, focusing especially on the species commonly (and rarely) found in the Asia/Indo Pacific region, where the biodiversity of marine life is spectacular!

It’s user-friendly, with annotations and easily digested laymen’s terms, to invite marine and nature enthusiasts’ to explore further nudibranchs.

PADI professionals of our Gaya Island beach house return time and time again to use Coleman’s Nudibranchs Encyclopedia for reference when discovering a rare species.

When visiting Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park at our premier PADI 5* IDC Dive Centre, the catalogue of beautiful photography will be an asset to any traveller wanting to learn more about the tropical marine life found in the warm waters of the South China Sea!

Contact our helpful Dive Shop Supervisor to reserve a copy for you! Our Dive Shop is in the same location at our Head Office, where one of our experienced and friendly travel experts will be more than happy to organise a suitable itinerary for you to visit our Gaya Island beach house!