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Harrison Valve Recreational Scuba Diving K Valve

harrison-valve-k-valveFeatures and Specifications
All valves are supplied with safety devices as specified by the Compressed Gas Association Standard S1.1. Standard HSV-48 valves are supplied with safeties for 3000PSI service pressure cylinders and supplied with a 5000PSI safety. Rupture discs rated for other cylinder service pressures are available upon request.

  • Exceeds CGA V9 standards for cylinder valves for compressed gases.
  • Cycle tested 5000 times to exceed all real world applications.
  • Engineered with high flow charactaristics to maximize regulator performance
  • Valve design allows for easy and comfortable cylinder handling
  • Slant back handwheel allows easy access
  • Easy operation under all pressures.
  • Protective and attractive chrome plated finish.
  • Positive hand wheel grip for easy indentification of on/off direction.
  • 100% leak testing on entire production.
  • Designed with proven and readily available replacement valve parts