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Keep a low profile with Scubapro’s Solo mask

sp_soloIt is incredibly frustrating to use a mask that is a poor-fit, but the features of the Solo mask by Scubapro dismisses any issues!

The Solo mask fits close to the wearers’ face so that field of view is as extensive as possible, particularly each side and downward.

The low volume inside is a direct benefit of the close fit, which is great for clearing water from it in a swift motion – one exhale blast will do it!

A wide strap with neoprene covering makes moving and replacing an easy task, which entry-level divers will find comfort in, especially during open water training dives in which skills such as mask clearing are required to successfully complete the PADI Open Water Diver course.

Scubapro’s Solo will be a comforting piece of necessary equipment and through many dive adventures for divers of any level of experience!

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