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Keep that octopus off the reef!


A good octopus holder will keep your alternate air source (or AKA octopus) from dangling. Divers want to be streamlined to avoid damaging the delicate coral reefs and marine life, as well as taking good care of their dive equipment!

At our Dive Shop in KK, a variety of different styles of octopus holders are available to suit the set up of any diver needs. For example, technical divers who prefer sidemount diving will need accessories that don’t hinder movement, or bulky items either, on their single-cell BC or wing jacket.

For novice divers, a brightly coloured holder will remind them of their dive training and the procedure to any emergency situation that arises for them to assist their dive buddy.

The PADI Rescue Diver course is really comprehensive to emergency situations and the diver training is about the safety of another, rather than just the self, which improves any recreational divers’ perspective with SAFE diving so that it becomes a habit!