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Light & Motion’s SOLA Nightsea Review

SOLA NightseaDo you know that some marine plants and animals carry special protein that can only be seen by fluorescent light?

This is why the SOLA™ Nightsea fluorescent light will change how you view underwater life.

The SOLA™ Nightsea emits a special blue light that acts as a fluorescent excitor and will make marine organisms absorb and re-emit a bright glow, transforming the undersea into a wonderful and surreal psychedelic underworld.

The SOLA™ Nightsea is part of Light & Motion’s range of advanced diving lights and is a must if you are a night diver. Also included is a yellow filter cap so that this will transmit a white light that you can use as a navigation light.

Visit our Dive Shop @ KK Times Square today to check this out. Additional details on the product page.

View the following video for a quick demonstration