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Mares Cruise Safety Kit

mares-cruise-safety-kitEverything you need to protect yourself.

This kit is easy to fit in belt or D-Rings of Jacket. High Visibility with 10m of rope and 150g weight. To signal your precise location in the sea.

What’s Included

Bag with Special Buckle
The special rear buckle and the side fastener make the Safety bag easy to install anywhere on your equipment to keep it handy.

Signaling buoy
The safety bag is equipped with 10m of line, and the ends can be hooked to the D-rings on the buoy and the 150g weight, included in the package, to make it quick and easy to reel out.

Signaling mirror
The Safety Bag package also includes a reflective mirror for signaling and identifying the diver’s position in the sea. The mirror includes a viewfinder and lanyard.

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