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Mesh your active lifestyle with Stahlsac!

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Stahlsac’s mesh duffel bag is the accompanying item to choose for any active lifestyle for its functional purpose!

Our KK Dive Shop Supervisor has ordered a few different sizes and styles of mesh bags from Stahlsac.

As one of the leading brands in travel luggage, Stahlsac design this super-efficient bag with mesh material – and this 26”-sized bag meshes with many an adventure activity!

Although, this Stahlsac bag doesn’ act as a limp and lifeless form because of the mesh material, because there is reinforced bottom and sides to the bag to keep its contents more protected than exposing it altogether if it were mesh.

Whether scuba diving at our paradise beach house, island-hopping in the TAR marine park, white water rafting at Padas River or climbing Mount Kinabalu; the bag is plenty spacious with to accommodate for any of your activities’ demands!

Another use: Our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop doesn’t offer plastic bags whatsoever to be responsible corporate citizens with eco-friendly practices…so you’ll have a bag when you purchase any product of the Stahlsac range!