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Nudibranch Encyclopedia

book-nudibranchsThis new book is a must have for nudibranch enthusiasts or for anyone that is interested in learning about marine biodiversity. It is a complete catalogue of Asia/Indo-Pacific sea slugs.

It is one of the the most comprehensive books on Identification of Nudibranchs/Sea Slugs of the Asia/Indo-Pacific region.

  • Hard cover 160 mm x 235 mm, 400 pages.
  • Sections stitched and glued for maximum durability and usage.
  • Over 3000 stunning colour reproductions.
  • Family Names – Common Names – Scientific names – authors/dates, location data, size and natural history; a wealth of information.
  • Fully indexed.
  • Over 50 photographic contributors from across the globe.
  • Accurate up to date identifications by world authorities.
  • Larger than life images-8 per page.
  • Alphabetically arranged by family, genus and species in line with the Zoological Catalogue of Australia for easy reference.
  • Over 80 000 words.