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Product of the Month: May 2013

maresflightFor the month of May, we have chosen mares’ F-Light BCD as our Product of the Month.

F-Light BCD delivers in the departments that matter most for a true travel BCD – it has low volume and low weight. This piece of scuba gear won’t over-stuff your luggage.

A travel-friendly jacket-style BCD, the Mares F-Light is exactly what the name implies: a BCD meant for flying, possibly even in your carry-on bag. As checked baggage becomes ever more expensive, super-light travel BCDs like the F-Light are set to become more popular.

Unlike some travel BCDs in the same low-weight category, the F-Light doesn’t feel flimsy. It is made from 420 Cordura, making it fairly durable for a BCD of its type.

Read more about the mares F-Light BCD on its product page.