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Rip Curl’s arrival to Downbelow!

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One for the ‘Downbelow history book’, is Rip Curl’s arrival to Downbelow’s Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop at KK Times Square!

Shop Manager and Assistant have never displayed products faster than they did with the Rip Curl items we received. From bikinis to rucksacks, all fashions are showcased all over the shop on shelves and cabinets – for a random little surprise as you browse around the place!
Rip Curl has a ridiculously huge range of items, so if there’s a particularly item you’ve ‘got your eye on’ then email it to our Dive Shop (shop@divedownbelow.com) or you could SMS our hotline at +60 12 866 1935 with a photo (the clearer the better!), and we might be able to order it special for you!
Come in and check out the range we have – before our own staff clean out the shop! We love Rip Curl as much YOU do – that’s why we stock it!