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Scubapro Equator BC jacket for the worldly diver!

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The Scubapro Equator offers so much practical choice for the diver!

As far as comfort goes, the Equators’ features are unrivalled. When entering and exiting dive sites, its soft neck finishing and shoulder line piping avoids the unsightly red marks that are caused by inflexible materials.

Safety aspects of the BC jacket are plenty (and in a smart design!), with its integrated weights secured by large and easy-to-use buckles. For novice divers, or entry-level student divers, its doubled tank strap offers the security all divers need and want, and the ease of adjusting the plastic buckle too. One of the basic dive skills in the PADI Open Water Diver course is to loosen the cylinder strap, adjust it, and secure it. With an octopus pocket on either side of the jacket, it offers the student diver-in-training the flexibility to choose which they prefer if any.

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