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Sherwood Scuba Absolute Dry Snorkel Review

Sherwood-Absolute-Dry-Snorkel-1-Big-4The Sherwood Scuba Absolute Dry snorkel is not your ordinary snorkel. This model incorporates a float at the top of the snorkel that shuts the bore of the tube to prevent water entering the snorkel when submerged. This feature also stops water from splashing down into the snorkel when waves go over the top.

The Absolute Dry snorkel also features a purge chamber and a one-way valve to aid the clearing of water in the snorkel.

This is especially useful if you remove the snorkel from your mouth while you are still in the water as any water that is trapped when the snorkel is put back into the mouth will either drain out under gravity or can be forced out using heavy exhalation.

Additional details on the  Sherwood Scuba Absolute Dr Snorkel product page.

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