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Sherwood Scuba Absolute Snorkel

sherwood-scuba-absolute-snorkel Snorkels can be a drag on your dive—literally—but you don’t want to be without one. That’s why Sherwood Scuba snorkels have been streamlined to reduce drag.

We have a variety of color selection so coordinate them with one of our great masks!

Absolute: Absolutely Dry

The specialized dry top guards against splashes and seals the tube underwater, making this the dry snorkel that’s TRULY dry!

Other features include:

  • A patented snorkel retainer that allows quick ratchet adjustment and quick disconnect.
  • Large, silicone purge valve for easy clearing of residual water.
  • Smooth-bore, silicone flex tube.
  • Soft, comfortable silicone mouthpiece.

The Sherwood Scuba Absolute Snorkel is popular in our Borneo dive shop. Visit us today to see them yourselves!

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