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Sola Dive

sola-dive-1200Downbelow stocks all 3 the Sola Dive Light flavour namely Sola Dive 500, Sola Dive 800 and Sola Dive 1200.

The Sola Dive Line has an improved hand-mount, angled to point naturally where you want it, plus a remarkable streamlined T-handle.

The elegantly sculpted pistol grip of the Sola Dive line make gripping a pleasure, with mounts designed to create and exact fit for this dynamic range.

Measured on lumens per dollar or lumens per gram, the Sola is the smartest light out there.

Sola Dive 1200

  • 2011 Scuba Diving Magazine – Testers Choice Award Winner
  • The Sola Dive 1200 delivers a walloping 1200 lumen flood to your dive, which is about as bright as your car headlamp;
  • The Sola Dive 1200 comes with a flood and spot beam.
  • It ships standard with the new hand-mount, lanyard and pistol grip;

Sola Dive 800

  • The 800 lumen flood beam and 500 lumen spot combination light delivers one of the most impressive beams in a handheld light;
  • The Sola Dive 800 ships standard with the comfy new hand-mount and lanyard.

Sola Dive 500

  • The Sola Dive 500 is a great recreational light, featuring a 12 degree spot beam;
  • No other light its size can deliver a true, regulated 500 lumens for consistent brightness throughout the dive;
  • The Dive 500 ships standard with the new hand-mount and lanyard;