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SOLA Nightsea

solanightsea_1 A collaboration between Light & Motion and Nightsea, the pioneers of fluorescence viewing and imaging produces the most powerful fluorescent exciter on the market, the Sola™ Nightsea. It’s the first dive light to include a phosphor filter to convert blue light to white for navigation.

The Sola™ dive lights have a factory sealed body so you never need to worry about flooding. Control is accomplished with a magnetic slider on the top of the body. Slide forward or back to turn on. Hold forward or back to turn off. Rotate to lock.

Control feature through the Smart Dashboard: Three indicator lights behind the bezel report battery status, output setting, and charge status; slide forward to increments the power levels.

The Sola NightSea also comes with a filter visor and a mask strap wrapper, and there’s also a remote phosphor option that turns the blue LED light into broad spectrum visible light.

You can also get buy a mask filter separately to complete your fluoro-dive!

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