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Suunto D9tx Elastomer

suunto-d9tx-elastometer-02The Suunto D9tx Elastomer Dive Watch is the world’s first all-in-one wristop trimix dive computer.

The all-in-one companion for adventurous divers wanting to explore the depths, the Suunto D9tx Elastomer can switch between up to 8 gases. It uses the same technical RGBM as the HelO2, with easily readable 3D tilt-compensation compass.

It’s Trimix compatible, equipped with an electronic 3D compass and comes with optional wireless air integration via the Suunto Wireless Air Pressure Reporting device.

Choose from 3 dive modes to suit your diving desire: Air mode, Mixed Gas mode and Gauge mode.

Utilise the Suunto D9tx Elastomer’s flexible decompression with the technical RGBM algorithm. Continuous decompression and Deep Stops protects you between your maximum depth and ceiling.

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