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Take Notes & Review Information Underwater

dive-write-notebookDive Rite’s popular Dive wRite Notebook has a clear, plastic sleeve placed on the outside back panel. With the dive tables placed inside, this sleeve gives divers quick access to critical decompression information.

Exploration divers have been using underwater notebooks for years to survey wrecks and cave systems. They are excellent for jotting notes, tic-tac-toe during decompression stops, or for keeping deco schedules.

This 28-page notebook is waterproof and reusable. It also comes with a solid, carbon-stick pencil attached by a lanyard and is small enough to be carried in a pocket.

The Dive wRite Cover is a tri-fold organizer that accommodates our notebook along with storage for three pencils and three pockets for those extra survey notes and a clear plastic sleeve on the outside back panel.