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Termo Industria SPG 2010 – 0400

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  • All one-piece brass body,
  • Copper Beryllium spiral wound,
  • Policarbonate transparent window,
  • Plastic cover with loop for fixing,
  • Graduation 400 BAR/5000PSI, full scale.

Graduation display:

  • Luminous easy to read dial design,
  • Red zone from 0 to 50 BAR/0 to 600 PSI,
  • Increments 10 BAR/100 PSI, all over the scale,
  • Available in black dial with fluorescent needle and graduation numbers.

Standard Hose length: 80cm/32″,
Shortd hose for quick check of tank pressure, 150mm/6″,
NEW: Miflex Hose, different lengths,
Hose length on demand from 150mm,
Cover in wide range of colours,
Capsule only or full assembly with HP hose and cover,
Combo mounting,
Nitrox use.

SPG & HP hose in compliance with EN250 specifications.
Suggested use only by trained individuals and certified by a recognised Scuba Training Agency.
Nitrox use is not covered by EN250.

Weight: 300 grams

Available colours: Black/Red/Blue