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The Avid BCD is a lasting investment for PRO divers!

sherwood-scuba-avid-bcdSherwood Scuba’s Avid BCD has all the features a dive professional needs in their scuba diving career! And its’ materials are for long-lasting wear too!

Weight distribution is one of the Avid’s attractive features. The CQR-2 weight system allows the dive professional to store any spare weight for their scuba diving clients. A recreational diver will find the Avid BCD a most versatile piece of equipment for its weight system. Between a buddy pair, they may assist one another to achieve their desired body positioning underwater, air consumption and general comfort. These aspects are affected by weights and their distribution and Sherwood Scuba designed the Avid BCD with individual preferences and needs in mind.

Check out the Avid BCD in our Dive Shop, the same location as our Head Office in KK Times Square, and one of our Dive Shop Assistants will help you find the perfect fit for your diving adventures!