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The Mares Cruise Safety Kit is a dive professional must!

mares-cruise-safety-kitA visual signalling device is a must for dive professionals to own, so we include the Mares Cruise Safety Bag in an equipment promotion aimed towards our professional interns. The package is aimed at the professional scuba diver in training, however it is so easy to use that we recommend it to recreational divers too!

This accessory includes its own bag for storage, and its bag has a fastener to attach to a D-ring on a BCD for easy access.
The buoy has its own D-ring to tie off the bright red 10-metre line that is also included and a 150g weight for rope tension, which is very useful in strong current.

Mares also include a surprise inside the bag; a signaling mirror! The mirror is the size of a credit card and a diver needs to hold it up to the sun and look through the viewfinder and this creates a reflective shine to attract attention.

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