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Transforming your dive configurations…and YOU!

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Dive Rite’s Transpac is an unforgettable experience from the first try – this BC jacket will begin transforming your dive configurations…and YOU!

Lamar Hires designed this himself! The reputation of the TransPac BC jacket matches that of its designer – who is the CEO of Dive Rite! There’s plenty of his signature details; but what’s most exciting about the design, is the inspiration!

Diving expeditions that occurred in Japan would be located in such remote regions, that divers would need to trek with their gear through all kinds of terrain. Their gear set up needed to be stripped to simplicity and functionality for both the rigours of trekking and diving.

Either single or double tank set up is possible with the Dive Rite TransPac, so it can be used for sidemount diving – for which its design reflects.

There are plenty of D-rings to attach accessories, as there are no usable pockets, except for trim weights to further balance weight distribution.

And that very important crotch strap is also easy to use – and we really mean it, when we say how important it is to secure that for diver comfort…because the PADI Instructors at our premier PADI 5 Star Dive Centre can tell if you’re uncomfortable underwater!

Get in touch with our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop Supervisor Karen to try on the Transpac for comfort, or of the other BCD jackets available, and start fine-tuning your buoyancy! It’s all practise, and if you’re a member of our KK Dive Club, you can practise every weekend with the massive discounts and other membership benefits!