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Upslope 1.0 Adjustable aluminium trekking and hiking pole

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No matter how challenging the terrain is, the Upslope provides extra stability on every backpacking adventure. Super light and compact with an easily adjustable length, this trekking pole has EVA padded grips for extra comfort. It’s built to withstand a diversity of surfaces to keep your knees from feeling fatigued.

  • Non-slip carbide tip for secure pole plants on various surfaces
  • Includes: Protective cap, trekking basket, and rubber tip for concrete surfaces
  • Padded wrist strap for added comfort
  • EVA foam grip for padded comfort
  • Reliable twist-lock mechanism provides easy length adjustment
  • Replacement trekking baskets, rubber tips & snow baskets available
  • Kelty One-Year Limited Warranty
  • Unisex
  • Weight: 10 oz. / 289 g
  • Maximum Length: 53 in. / 135 cm
  • Minimum Length: 27 in. / 69 cm

Grip Material: Cork & EVA foam

Shaft Material: 6061 Series Aluminum

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