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Use your GoPro with your head…or helmet, rather!

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Leading worldwide brand GoPro has taken accessories to the next level of functional fun with the helmet front mount accessory!

Were GoPro designers inspired by the features of an anglerfishes lure to create this helmet mount accessory? Maybe! Although, instead of using your GoPro camera as an attractive bait to eat fish, try experimenting with the different perspective to record footage when attaching any GoPro camera to a helmet.

The camera can be adjusted to face the front, or pulled down to face the wearer; the latter probably being quite amusing when on a rollercoaster to capture real reactions!

Removing the mount from the helmet itself needs heating, such as the warmth created by a hair dryer. A very strong adhesive bond is used to stick the mount to the helmet, which is needed to keep the GoPro camera secure in many adventure activities! This accessory will give a climber on Mount Kinabalu’s via Ferrata circuits amazing photography and videography when capturing the vast hills and valleys of the Crocker Range mountains of Sabah!

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